Honey is certainly known to be an excellent, natural energy food, and it has superb, scientifically proven anti-bacterial properties, which is probably one of the reasons why it is used in a range of home remedies.

Homemade marmalades

Fresh fruit taste, the bittersweet or sweet bite of rind, the colorful-happy-translucence of delicious homemade marmalade - really, what more could one ask for spread over a toasted slice of bread during breakfast?


100% Organic Products!

Our goal is to ensure that the best quality of Greek flavors will approach your table easily and fast in competitive prices and always certified for their 100% biological origin. Flavors that will multiply Greek cuisine lovers worldwide and will give the Greek producers, who with passion strive to offer us the best,new impetus.

The little secrets

The little secrets

The freshness, color and fragrance of pure vegetables were combined harmoniously with herbs and encased in small jars to accompany and color your nutritional choices
Herbs at the service of beauty

Herbs at the service of beauty

Products 100% pure, with herbal extracts, wax, essential oils and totally neutral ph, become absolutely addictive and essential for the daily care of the facial and body skin, hair and oral hygiene

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