Shipping methods

Delivery Methods / Delivery Policy  

1.1 When requesting your order, you are asked to choose how you wish to receive your ordered products, depending on the place of delivery. Depending on the location and the way you choose, the total final cost of your order, based on which the payment will be made and which is included in the order confirmation, is also formed. Your order may be omitted by you in the following ways:

  1. a) To be sent to a delivery address you declare:

with an affiliate ACS Courier (or other). Our company and its partners take all necessary measures to ensure the timely delivery of the order to the final consignee within the basic delivery schedule of the respective transport company. However, we can not guarantee either the arrival time or the exact delivery time of the order products as they depend on the carriers we partner with. Our company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure, natural / weather events or events / circumstances beyond its control. In the event of any delays, our business will make every effort to contact you as described in the above articles. Our company is responsible for the proper delivery of your order to the carrier, from which the risk is transferred to the buyer under Article 524 CC. Transport costs depend on the pricing policy of each transportation company, which is responsible for it, and which may change prices at any time.

  1. b) In the case of exercise the right of withdrawal, we encourage you to contact us through the "Contact Us" section in order to assume the transfer of our products. In this case, the consumer is charged with the cost of return, but our Company is responsible for the transfer from delivery to the carrier. Otherwise, if the consumer chooses to return the products with a carrier of his choice, then he also bears the cost and responsibility of the transport himself. In case of return of the products if the conditions of the Refunds field for defective products or the lack of agreed status are met, the return is obligatory following contact with our company which assumes both the cost and the responsibility of the transfer for the delivery of the products products returned to the carrier.
  2. c) Gift Orders: You can also order one or more gifts and send them to any desired recipient by completing the order form correctly, with the address and the details of the recipient so that the product is delivered directly to him. When sending gift packages to other recipients, make sure that the recipient can receive gift packages and that the gift will generally not be considered undesirable or will not be accepted on delivery, otherwise the product will be shipped in the billing address with responsibility and expense of the buyer. It is recalled that in the case of sending a Gift, irrespective of destination, there is no possibility of payment by cash on delivery.

Please note that deliveries are only within working days (Monday - Friday) between (9.00 - 19.00).

1.2. Subject to any special charges expressly provided for a product posted on our website, the general pricing policy is as follows: 
i) The shipping cost for orders throughout Greece (made by ACS Courier or other) is automatically calculated on the page of the shopping cart by selecting the relevant option (depending on the volumetric weight of each order) and included in your order form prior to completion and payment. For orders delivered to hard-to-reach destinations, or generally inaccessible areas, there is an additional "inaccessible charge", according to the charges of the respective transport company.

1.3. If you are not on at the delivery address to pick up your package, the distributor will leave you a notice with instructions on how to receive your order. In this case, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the buyer, given their vulnerability, as explicitly stated in the terms of sale. If you have declared a cash payment and do not contact the courier company, or with us, via the "Contact us" section to receive the product  within 3 days , your order will be canceled.

1.4. In our effort to maintain the quality and freshness of our products, we make small and frequent orders to our suppliers and we do not keep large inventories in our warehouse, further reducing the delivery time from the producer to the consumer.



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