White cheese & "KASSERI"

White cheese & CASHCAVAL(KASSERI) from Cow's milk

The cheese we produce is from (100%) pasteurized, fresh, cow's milk. White cheese is mainly made from cow's milk and follows almost the same cheese-making process as Greek FETA. The difference here is that it is placed in brine immediately after straining. It usually matures for 15 days.

Types of cow's white cheese:
100% WHITE CHEESE FROM COW'S MILK                                       

90/10  is made of 90% Cow's milk and 10% VEGETABLE FAT         

80/20  is made of 80% Cow's milk and 10% VEGETABLE FAT         


Types for CASHCAVAL (Yellow Cheese / Kasseri) in 2,5-3 kg blocks

100% from COW'S MILK                                                                

80/20 of 80% cow's milk and 20% vegetable fat                          

60/40 of 60% cow's milk and 40% vegetable fat                          



THE WHITE CHEESE we produce is in a package of 8 or 15 kilos in a plastic bucket.

Production capacity is 1 truck per day  ...

Customers can make MIX load ..

We use 0.007% Salt at BRINE according to the Greek standards.

We have the ability to do P.L. for the customer and all he pays is  EUR530 .. in any language with origin of E.E. We can avoid the cost with the quantity of more than one truck.

The NET WEIGHT for each load of white cheese ranges from 14,400 kg of net product up to 15,650 kg and several times 16,400 kg depending on the quantity of vegetable fat it contains ...

While for CASHCAVAL (Kasseri) each load is 22000 kg


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